For our Pre-school Exams, we use picture cards with apples, houses and umbrellas. Click here to print a practice sheet for your preschooler. Stand back from your child and have them put a hand over an eye. Next, point to a picture and have them identify the shape.

If they practice a few times with their right and then their left eye, they’ll be ready for their eye exam.

Prospective patients can also print this coupon and receive a free bottle of eyeglass cleaner or a start kit of contact lens solution at the conclusion of their appointment.

Dr. Roebuck wants to make sure you have all the information possible when it comes to your eyes. Here are some handy links to help you learn more about your eyes and how to care for them.

Your sight is one of the most important senses you have. Want to learn more about your eyes and how they work? The American Optometric Association has all you need to know to keep your eyes healthy and your sight clear.

Do you have a specific eye condition you’re looking to learn about? Want to jazz up your current look with chic new frames? The Vision Council has all the information you need, and a fun section on fashion eyeglasses.

Done with eyeglasses and want to try contacts for a new look? Dr. Roebuck highly recommends both Acuvue and CooperVision brands, and both offer a free trial pair in your prescription.

Put your eyes in the hands of a professional. Come in to see Dr. Roebuck today.